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Digital Mortgages - The Future of Closings

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

Lenders who offer their clients the option to close 100% online

At CLOSED Title, we've been offering our clients the ability to close 100% online for a few years now. Countless CLOSED clients have benefited from the convenience of closing where and when they want, saving time, money, paper and reducing carbon emissions from travel.

We frequently have clients who are eager to close 100% online, but find that their mortgage lender still requires them to conduct an old-fashioned closing with often more than 150 pages of paper.

While we work with these lenders often and offer a 100% digital experience for all other aspects of their closing, clients of these lenders are still required to attend a closing at one of our offices or opt to meet with a mobile notary at their home or business. 

With that, many clients have asked us to assist them in identifying lenders who can offer a digital mortgage so they can close 100% online. Below is a list of lenders who offer 100% digital closings to their clients:

United Wholesale Mortgage

Guaranteed Rate


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