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CLOSED® delivers for real estate investors and wholesalers. From our combined decades of experience handling complex investor deals- to working flawlessly online to simplify and speed up the closing experience. CLOSED® is trusted by investors of all sizes, from local investors, to national institutional investors. 

We are experienced in assignments, double closings, and quick closings in as little as 24 hours. The right title company can get more deals CLOSED® for you every year, adding revenue to your business and streamlining your operations.

Venmo-Style digital earnest money options at no additional cost for you or your buyers. 

instant digital escrow payments

Never, ever wait for your commissions and proceeds. Instant, digital commission delivery. Every time. Zero wire fees- ever!

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We also offer an industry leading option: closing fully online. Close via your phone, tablet or computer. For cash buyers- simply wire us your funds and sign electronically and your'e all set. 

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Stay organized and know exactly what is needed of you and your clients for your closings.

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From my experience as an investor buying and selling thousands of investment properties and working with hundreds of title companies, I know what investors are looking for in a title company. This is why CLOSED® was built to deliver the three things investors need: communication, speed, and the title expertise to get deals CLOSED. 

We understand your business inside and out, we have built a platform and hired a team ready to help you grow your investment business. 

That's why CLOSED
® is the Investor Friendly Title Company™.
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Yes, CLOSED® Title is Investor Friendly

Answering common questions about our closing platform and investors

Frequently we have both current and potential new clients ask whether we are investor friendly. Our legal and processing team has years of experience working with investors of all sizes. We work with investor groups of all sizes, from solo home buyers to national, institutional investors. 


Whether it's navigating a distressed property, or handling an assignment, we are here to help.

Have questions about what services we offer? We got you.

CLOSED® is a full service title company offering settlement services for investor real estate transactions.  Below is a list of services we provide that investors and wholesalers frequently inquire about:

  • Conduct a full title search and municipal lien search

  • Handle assignments, double closings and complex investor transactions.

  • Maintain escrow accounts for purchase, sale, refinance and tax deferred property exchange transactions, real estate escrow services, financial (loan) transaction settlement services

  • Coordinate with all parties, including lenders for mortgage loan transactions

  • Organize loan closing documents, provide services for closing of mortgage loans, real estate closing/settlement services.

  • How does this work?
    As an attorney in Florida, you may charge your clients a legal fee for reviewing documents for closing and conducting a real estate closing. However attorney review and notarization/closing is just one small part of what is needed to professionally and accurately complete real estate closings. Backed by CLOSED, we will handle all of the rest, allowing you to collect 100% of your desired legal fee, while CLOSED as the title insurance agency collects the premium for title insurance. CLOSED will handle: -Opening and processing files with our experienced proessing team -Managing processors -Managing all title software systems -Keeping clients informed during the closing process -Handling escrow, both EMD and disbursement -Performing all accounting required for the file -Preparing all documents required for closing -Providing documents to you for review and closing -Recording all required documents and issuing title insurance policies
  • What if I don't know how to close?
    Through CLOSED Academy, our team can train you on the basics of conducting a real estate closing. Schedule a meeting with our team to learn more.
  • Where will closings take place?
    Typically clients will want to meet with you at your office, which can be anywhere in Florida. CLOSED will provide you the required documents prior to closing, you conduct the closing and post closing deliver the original documents that are required to be recorded (via pre-paid Fed-Ex) to our HQ in Fort Lauderdale for our team to record.
  • What is CLOSED Direct?
    With CLOSED Direct, Florida Attorneys use CLOSED LLC, a Florida Limited Liability and Title Insurance Agency (License ID W497476). CLOSED, as a title insurance agency will open the contract, order title, lien searches, process title, prepare closing documents, issue a title insurance policy and perform recordings. Attorneys, through CLOSED Direct will review documents for closing, conduct closings, and will correspond with their clients during the closing process. Licensed Florida Bar Attorneys will charge their clients their legal fees at closing on the settlement statement.
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