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Important Dates in a Residential Purchase Contract

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

residential purchase contract modern house

Below are some important dates to consider that are standard in a Florida residential purchase contract. Unless otherwise indicated, the number of days listed applies when the section is left blank.

  • Initial Deposit- buyer must tender within 3 days

  • Additional Deposit- buyer must tender within 10 days

  • Time for Acceptance or Offer and Counter Offer- within 2 days

  • Financing- deadline for loan application within 30 days

  • Delivery of title insurance commitment to buyer within 5 days

  • Inspection- buyer has 15 days to inspect with right to cancel

  • Title Examination-  buyer shall have 5 days after receipt of Title Commitment to examine it and notify Seller in writing specifying defect(s), if any, that render title unmarketable


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