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Enhanced Protection from CLOSED

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

CLOSED Offers Homeowner's Policies to Our Clients

CLOSED knows that the purchase of your home is one of the largest and most important transactions in your life. That's why we offer the latest tech and team to make sure your transaction is smooth and you are informed along the way.

As our Founder & CEO Devan Spinelli discusses in his white paper "The Title Gap", studies have shown that most home buyers don't realize that along with the purchase of their home, they are also purchasing owners title insurance to protect their investment.

This owner's title insurance policy provides substantial protections discussed in our "What is Title Insurance" article, but did you know that CLOSED also offers buyers in many jurisdictions an Homeowner's enhanced title policy? For a nominal increase over the cost of a standard owner's policy, you as a homebuyer will gain the following benefits

- Automatic increased coverage. Up to 50% higher in the first 5 years of the policy

- Protections for your lawn, trees and shrubbery due to future mineral or water extraction

- Protections against zoning changes if you cannot use the residence as a single-family residence

For the typical home buyer, this enhanced coverage will cost under $200, one time, for a lifetime of protection. That is why we both offer up front and encourage our clients choose this coverage for their closing if available to them,


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